A few rants on JavaScript

I've got a few things to get off my chest relating to JavaScript.
  • Google's Closure library and compiler kick ass. However, they need to be cock punched for naming it after a notable language feature. That means that if you want to do a search for something about the library or compiler you have to sift through a bunch of stuff relating to programming closures in a language to get to stuff about programming in Closure if you're searching for a particular topic.
  • W3schools needs to update their site or take it down. It hasn't been updated in a decade or so. The web has moved on and they seem to have top spots in search results for so many topics.
  • Technical recruiters need to understand that Java and JavaScript are not the same thing; proficiency in one does not mean proficiency in the other. I have JavaScript on my resume, but nothing about Java. Yet I always receive calls from recruiters for J2EE jobs and the like.

JavaScript element.innerHTML

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